((Dir has a new recruit!  One of his ex-girlfriends, a rogue turned paladin, needed a sponser and he was fool enough to do it.  Tessere Fiddlefern is the character of Regatta, my super awesome best friend.))

Dir was well acquainted with dawn.  It was just usually from the other side after a long, carousing night turned morning.  He would have complained, loudly, about it if it hadn’t been for the sleeping woman next to him.  At his groan of dismay, Katanya softly sighed in her sleep and rolled over.  Resisting the temptation to do the same, Dir untangled himself from the mess of sheets and comatose cats.  It was way too early to have to struggle into his plate armor but he did it anyway.  No lazy, casual breakfast this morning.

Someone was going to pay for this and he knew exactly who.

Yanking his hair back in it’s customary ponytail and belting his tabard, Dir gave himself one last inspection before throwing back the door and stalking out into the chapterhouse hallway.  Coffee… the scent wafted up the stairs in beguiling temptation.  Unable to resist it’s siren’s call, Dir stomped down the stairs.  He wasn’t shocked to see Dorri’tow already in the kitchen, perched upon a stool with a mug of coffee clasped between her hands.  Her “Good morning, Dir” seemed almost chipper and she looked incredibly put together for being up at such a cursed hour.  She merely smirked when her only answer back was a cranky “Nngh” as he poured himself a mug of coffee before stalking back out again.  Dir had some suffering to redistribute.

Dir paused outside Tessere’s door.  An evil smirk crossed his face as he sipped his coffee and debated his options.  His relationship with Tess had never been particularly complicated but having the upper hand over her for once felt rather good.  No reason to play nice this time around, after all it was his name on the line too.  With a loud “Good morning!”  Dir threw back the door and walked into the room…

To find Tess up, saluting and the bed already made.  He couldn’t help but be disappointed, Dir had been looking forward to rolling her out of bed onto her bottom.  Damn, he’d just have to take it out of her hide some other way.

Dir surveyed her slouch.  “Stand up straight!”
“I am!” Tess complained but pulled herself up straighter, almost managing to roll her shoulders back in a proper stance.
Dir looked her in the eye before raising one slow brow, his tone turning chilly.  “Excuse me?”
For a moment, it appeared Tess was going to say something snarky, her mouth opening before she clamped it shut and murmured an apology.
Dir gave an approving nod. “There may be hope for you yet, Miss Fiddlefern.  Grab your sword and shield.  It’s time for a little on the job training.”

Dir’s grin was almost evil.